Monthly Sisu Stories

Sisumoi [see-soo-mwa] believes we all have unique gifts and a responsibility to honor them to their fullest potential. We provide globally celebrated & awarded fine art accessories which inspire and empower you to stay true to your gifts and live your best life.
Our vision is to create a community of Sisumoi leaders committed to their dreams and who inspire others to activate their gifts through their sisu stories. Every month, we feature a sisu story. Tell us yours!

Sisu Story #9 : SISUMOI Ep. 9: "Coming Full Circle: Sexual Abuse Survivor to Sisu Hero Mom" 

Starring Lynn Antenucci : Founder of Mamma Love Yoga | Infant & Toddler Teacher | RYT 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor | Registered Behavioral Technician to Students with Special Needs | Proud Mother of Three

ynn Antenucci is a mother of three, an entrepreneur and founder of Mamma Love Yoga who celebrates connecting and healing between mothers and their children.

 In this episode, Lynn shares her courageous journey, story of childhood trauma and her resilience. Lynn talks about her sisu defining moment and the way her life has been transformed through acceptance and forgiveness. 

Sisu Story #8 : "Wisdoms from the Other Side: Love Never Dies & Channeling Sisu Through Loss"

Starring Isabella Johnson: Certified Medium | Medical Intuitive | Grief Recovery Specialist | Remote Viewer 

sabella is a world-renowned certified medium, medical intuitive, grief recovery specialist and remote viewer. She has committed her life to providing healing and comfort to the bereaved. She allows herself to be a pure channel for those in Spirit wishing to have a continuing conversation or closure with their loved ones still in the physical.

Isabella is a sisu hero who is able to see the Soul, the highest point in our physical body and remind her clients of their true Soul's purpose in this lifetime.

As an Angel mom herself, Isabella’s ability to reconnect parents with their children and other loved ones in Spirit provides comfort, healing and hope.

In this episode, Isabella shows how to access sisu through loss and shares wisdoms from the other side. Through her readings, Isabella proves love never dies. 

Sisu Story #7 : "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"

Starring Christopher Rausch: Founder of "Master Motivators" | "No Excuses" Coach | Motivational Speaker | Consultant | Author | Show Host


hristopher Rausch is a sisu leader whose life apprenticeship of the victim to victor mindset is nothing short of miraculous and surely inspiring! From suicidal homeless dropout to Master's educated successful and empowered entrepreneur, Chris shares his wisdoms around things happening "For You", not "To You."

Chris is a father, entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, mentor for at-risk youth, and VP of Help Heal Humanity's USA Board who captivates and enthralls audiences with his story and then empowers them to accept what life has presented, embrace change and take action – personally & professionally. Through his straight-talk, "No-Excuses" mindset, Chris has transformed his life and developed a guide-post in life to stay true to his personal mission. 

In this episode, Chris shares his incredible transformative life story and how to "re-write" the painful practices we psychically have inherited to discontinue cycles and generations of pain. He shares his tips and exercises that help you uncover your "why" and how to start implementing a "no-excuses" mindset in order to fully transform to your best self. Get ready for a deep dive into the meat of life and embrace the sisu one needs to divert from being "comfortably miserable". 

Sisu Story #6 : "Attracting and Falling in Love with Your Best Self"

Starring Nastassia Marie:  Founder of The Art of Intuition & The Promote Peace Shop | Quantum Coach | Spiritual Growth Healer | Best - Selling Author


astassia began a life-changing shift in 2018 and soars into 2021 with wisdoms in manifesting her best life. She is a true testament to the truth of "breakdown brings breakthrough" and a true sisu leader!

Nastassia is a mother, serial entrepreneur, boss babe, Instagram social media queen, crystal healer and spiritual quantum coach. She shares her breakdown in her story in her best-selling book, Women who Rise and is a true sisu leader! Through her quantum physics practices, she has transformed her life to manifest a life of abundance designed around her dreams. Today, Nastassia coaches on quantum physics and helps others heal to radically transform their lives like she did. 

 In this episode, Nastassia shares her wisdoms of how her full surrender to believe and trust aligned her with her optimal path and changed the trajetory of her human potential. We all have the potential to believe and trust. Watch and listen to her insights on how to know you're on the right path of manifesting your best self through "The Art of Intuition"

Sisu Story #5 : "Little Changes Can Shift the World Collectively"

Starring Serena Bufalino: Award-Winning Teacher | Philanthropist | Founder of Help Heal Humanity | Global Healer


ominated as one of Toronto’s Best Influencers by Elle Magazine, Serena Bufalino is an inspiring sisu leader who empowers us to believe in ourselves to make little changes to heal the world collectively. 

Serena is a force of nature. She is rooted in service to others and hauls herself over every obstacle using the pitons of hard work, dedication, and determination. What began as a career as a teacher under the Section 23 program with Toronto’s at-risk youth, has evolved into a lifetime of service work empowering and inspiring people across the globe. Serena has taught in detention centres, mental health hospitals, and group homes. In 2011, the Haiti School Building Project was born, when her Section 23 students, insisted “Miss B, you say we can do anything, so let’s build a school.” In partnership with John Callaghan of Third World Awareness over $100,000 was fundraised and a school in Canaan, Haiti for one hundred students was constructed.  Today, Serena, alongside a group of global movers and shakers, runs Help Heal Humanity and intends to change the world one “yes” at a time. 

In this episode, Serena shares her wisdoms of how one small change in applying one's gifts can lift our human potential collectively to Help Heal Humanity.

Sisu Story #4 : "Finding Comfort in Fear: Adversity Heals & Strengthens"

Starring Julianne Bond: NYC Real Estate Agent | Philanthropist | Poet | Cancer Survivor


ulianne Bond is an inspiring sisu leader who has mastered the ability to embrace the opportunity that lies on the other side of fear. 

She is a 20-year successful broker of Triplemint in NYC, handling some of the world's most fabulous real estate transactions. She is an avid Poet and host of "10-Minutes of Bonding" with inspirational leaders. She is also a mom, artist and cancer survivor thriving as a female in the corporate business world. 

In this episode, Julianne shares her view of how to embrace fear and actually find comfort in it by accessing and channeling the confidence and resilience from past fearful experiences. Embracing fear as a friend can set you free.

Sisu Story #3 : "Embrace Fear as a Motivator & Have Faith Over Fear"

Starring Jody Miller Young: : Serial Entrepreneur | Animal Advocate | Dog Fashion Podcast Host & Author


ody Miller-Young is an inspiring sisu leader and force to be reckoned with!

She is the President/CEO at Axolotl FL, Founder and Host of Bark & Swagger Dog Fashion Podcast, Founder of Couture by Sophie & JLM Public Relations Inc.

In this episode, Jody shares her wisdoms around using fear as a motivator in overcoming challenges to reach your dreams.

Sisu Story #2 : "Enact your Inner Lioness Strength to Embrace Challenge & Grow through Giving"

Starring Stephanie Mattera: Animal Activist | Avid Volunteer | NYU Educator | Celebrity TV Personality

Iisumoi is a shop for good online retailer of fine art accessories which give back. A portion of all proceeds is given to our philanthropic animal awareness partners. In this episode, we interview animal activist, Stephanie Mattera who is also an avid volunteer, Educator at NYU and Celebrity Catwalk TV Personality. Our Sisu leader, Stephanie shares her wisdoms about embracing challenges and taking action to grow through giving.

Sisu Story #1 : "Healing Starts with the Creative Process"

Starring Viviana Puello: Founder of Art Tour International Magazine | Founder of Create4Peace | Artist | Consultant | Author | Show Host

Sisumoi is a shop for good online retailer of fine art accessories which give back. A portion of all proceeds is given to Create4Peace, our philanthropic art partner whose founder is interviewed. Viviana Puello shares her sisu story and the healing power of art.