"Glamsome" (adj.) Pronounced: (glam-some) Def: Handsome & Glamorous all at once. 


Have you ever wanted to get something for that gal or guy in your life that is handsome and glamorous in his or her own amazing way? This collection is for that person! The person who isn't afraid to make a statement, who loves fashion and design, who appreciates retro and vintage designs. The person who is sophisticated, glamorous, handsome and absolutely a rebel trendsetter.

Introducing the GLAMSOME Collection!

This entire collection includes hand-drawn illustrations over a 40 year period from globally awarded and celebrated fine artist, Barbara Tyler Ahlfield. These works have been published in The New York Times as fashion illustrations for some of the top department stores in the country and shown in fine art shows and galleries around he world. Get your glamsome on and enjoy the collection!

Beer Stein


retro tee shirt

coastershoodiemouse pads