Our Story

SISUMOI is a female-owned, shop for good online retailer of fine art inspirational accessories that empower you to channel your strength, activate your gifts and manifest your destiny.

SISUMOI was founded in 2020 by a mother-daughter team, Barbara Tyler Ahlfield and her daughter, Alexandra Ahlfield. Watch Our Story Below:


Sisumoi [see-soo-mwa]. "Sisu" is an ancient Finnish term for a universal capacity to channel a magical source of strength in the face of extreme adversity. It's an empowered action mindset to rise above the challenge no matter what. "Moi" is French for me.

"Sisumoi": My strength in overcoming adversity to reach my dreams. 

Our Products 

Barbara's hand-painted illustrations and signature glamour art style are the heart of SISUMOI. Over the past 40 years, Barbara's art has been highly published, commissioned, awarded and shown globally. 

With 40 years of fashion trend-setting success, we are passionate about producing products that we are proud of. As a company, we take every design concept seriously. From image selection to placement, to color palate, maintaining the integrity and printing quality of our work is essential. Artwork spanning 4 decades is printed on our Home Goods, Accessories, Apparel and Stationary and inspire you to activate your gifts and live your best life! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create inspirational accessories that bring beauty & empowerment to honor your life's journey.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community of Sisumoi leaders committed to their dreams and who inspire others to activate their gifts through their sisu stories.

Our Brand Promise

When you buy our products, you are empowering yourself to activate your own gifts which elevates the world’s potential.

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