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 Sisumoi [see-soo-mwa] believes we all have unique gifts and a responsibility to honor them to their fullest potential. We provide globally celebrated & awarded fine art accessories which inspire and empower you to stay true to your gifts and live your best life. 
Our vision is to create a community of Sisumoi leaders committed to their dreams and who inspire others to activate their gifts through their sisu stories. Every month, we feature a sisu story. Tell us yours!

Sisu Stories: Episode 8

"Wisdoms from the Other Side:

Love Never Dies & Channeling Sisu Through Loss"

Sisu Stories: Episode 7

"What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"

Sisu Stories: Episode 1

"Healing Starts with the Creative Process"

Sisu Story: Episode 2

"Enact Your Inner Lioness Strength to Embrace Challenge & Grow through Giving"


Sisu Story: Episode 3

"Embrace Fear as a Motivator & Have Faith Over Fear"

Sisu Story: Episode 4

"Finding Comfort in Fear: Adversity Heals & Strengthens"

Sisu Story: Episode 5

"Little Changes can Shift the World Collectively"



Sisu Story: Episode 6

"Attracting and Falling in Love with your Best Self"


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